Gusali the leading provider of building data. We provide the biggest database about buildings in the Philippines.

What information do we provide about the buildings

The current database contains existing and planned projects in all cities in the Philippines. Gusali collects information about the full life-cycle of a building, from idea to demolition. Our database covers all construction types, from a hut to a skyscraper. Our database also include companies involved in the development.

Gusali Research allows professionals to analyze provinces, compare markets, view statistics and get leads. Gusali Community is a closed platform where people with a love for structures assist in the completion of information. is the public information source for properties throughout the Philippines.

Gusali seeks to empower architects, interior designers, contractors, engineers, and other professionals to showcase their projects online; this visual directory simplifies searching for and discovering companies to work with and celebrates their work which ultimately leads to better opportunities to find new business.

How is the building information collected

We spend thousands of hours per year collecting the data presented on our website, through multiple sources: the developer’s websites, government websites, commercial websites, calling and emailing the building developers.

What are the search options users can locate buildings by location (city or province), status (existing, planned, or under construction), a floor levels.